Challenges encountered with the wind power industry:
• At extremes of pressure
• In dusty and physically abrasive environments
• At extremes of temperature
• Where failure could have significant health & safety, environmental or financial risk
• To the highest safety and performance specifications laid down by international industry bodies
• In environments of an extremely arid or wet nature
• In offshore environments subject to high levels of ozone and salt spray

We are specializing in advanced seal design and compound formulation to bolting technology and foundation support for global wind energy industry, major turbine and component manufacturers with the features as:
• Simplifying assembly
• Extending component life
• Reducing maintenance
• Minimising running costs
• Improving reliability

Typical Products Supply:
• Slew Bearing Seals
• Tension Control Fasteners
• Blade Root Seals
• Vibration Attenuation
• Gearbox/Generator Seals

Slew Bearing Seals

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– Lip seals for rotary applications as rolling mills, gearboxes, marine propulsion systems, process mixers, wind turbines, and tunnel boring machines.
– Walkersele offers many invaluable benefits to users:
• Highly cost-effective
• Available in unlimited sizes
• Easy to install and simple to remove
• Supplied ex-stock in standard sizes

Bolting Technology

– We offer finger-tip, visual or remote monitoring to ensure that a bolted joint is maintaining the correct tension.
– Blade root and hub bolting

Blade Root Seals

Developing an effective solution for blade root seals that will solve bearing contamination and lubricant leakage.
• Cost-effective, long-term sealing on hydropower systems
• Supplied in endless form for turbine manufacturer installation.
• On-Site Joining (OSJ) version for swift and easy maintenance
• Also seals efficiently on highly eccentric shafts

Vibration Attenuation

Specializes in the design and manufacturing of acoustic and vibration attenuation products.
• Machinery Mounts
• Pipe Supports
• Structural Bearings

Gearbox/Generator Seals

Providing the solution for any shaft, housing design, speed and operating conditions that exist in wind turbines.

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