Nylon is a product with high technical characteristics, is an industrial material that is widely used, and has great potential to replace all metal or wood materials in the product fields, highly preferable by many users today.

So what features does Nylon has that many customers believe in?

High quality plastic plastic

Introduction to plastic plastic

Nylon is now produced by extrusion or casting into sheets, bars, pipes, …

Nylon comes in many different forms such as Nilon 6, Nilon 66, PA66, PA6, and nylon oil.

Nylon Specification

High mechanical strength, flexural strength, hardness and toughness.
Good impact resistance.
High damping capacity.
Good gliding properties.
Excellent wear resistance
Good insulating properties
Resistance to energy radiation (gamma & x-rays).

Application of Nylon

Plastic forms
Plastic forms

Nylon has many outstanding advantages, so it is widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries because its properties do not affect the health of users.

In machines, Nylon is used to make the rollers and to the protection shafts.

For devices involving gravity transport, Nylon is used for gears, chutes and rollers.

In industry, Nylon is also used as a spool, bobbin tube, guide bars.

In addition, Nylon is also used to make products for daily use in the home and for many other industries, equipment in the construction field, electrical equipment, cars, aviation, …

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