Clean energy is the key to open the future and a top priority for developed countries around the world. Foreseeing the above trend, Vietnam has been opening up, calling for investment in the development of wind power and solar energy industries. We, HSTECH, are specializing in provision of tarps using for protection of wind turbines, such as covers for towers, nacelles and blades for wind turbines.

Tarps for wind turbine towers

Tarpaulins is used to cover and protect wind turbine towers during onshore and offshore transportation. These tarps are offered in customized sizes and a wide variety of colors, printed with text, graphics and logo, tailored to meet Client’s specific needs, specifications and requirements.

Tarps for wind turbine nacelles

Tarpaulins is also used to cover wind turbine nacelle openings during their transport from the factory, whether their final destination is storage or installation. Tarps provised by HSTECH help to ensure that no electronic or other sensitive components are damaged from dirt or water ingressed during transportation.

Tarps for wind turbine blades

Another function of tarps is cover wind turbine blades during transport, make sure that these expensive blades arrive at their destination in perfect condition from physical to chemical property.

Need a contact for these products?

HSTECH can help your company with tarpaulin solution development – whether you are a small contractor starting your first development project, an innovative small or medium-sized firm seeking advice, or a large company with an idea for a new product.

Our qualified and experienced sales can advise you on how to best use the qualities of tarps to match your specific needs. Our manufacturer with over 65 years of experience, own production facilities in Denmark, Poland and China. We look forward to working with you!

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