Application in Rotating equipment, such as Gearboxes, Rolling Mills, Chocks and stands.

Typical Products supply:
Comflex Fabric Wraps: Stock in roll, various dimension and satisfies design condition
Comflex Gas Turbine Exhaust Expansion Joints: high temperatures, large movements, pulsations, vibrations and water washing.
Comflex Elastomer and PTFE Flue Duct Expansion Joints: used for difficult applications when moisture, chemicals or vibration is present in the system.
Comflex HT/XA Bellows: used on Gas Turbine exhausts (Power generation and Marine duties), boiler rooftop seals, rotary air heater internal seals for power stations and furnace exhausts at steelworks.
Comflex Fabric Reinforced Bellow: Typical applications include the protection of screw down gear on rolling mills and hydraulic rams on heavy presses, plus the fabrication of cooling air ducts on traction motors for diesel-electric locomotives.
Comflex Hand Built Pipe Joints: absorb motion and displacement between pipe flanges.
Comflex Series 115 Expansion Joint: Used in piping applications for thermal displacements and pump vibration.
Comflex Sewn Bellows: a fast, economical solution to the problems associated with the exclusion of dust and dirt from cylinder rods and screw jacks.
Comflex Metallic Expansion Joints: are installed in piping systems to absorb differential thermal expansion and vibration while containing the system pressure.

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