HL400 Series H₂S in HC Liquids Analyser

  • Measurement specific to H₂S
    No interference from other components
  • Wide range capability
    Measures between 0-2ppm H₂S to 0-100% H₂S
  • Low volume humidifier
    Response times as low as 30 seconds
  • Single Optical Sensor
    Eliminates temperature drift
  • Fiber optic link between housings
    Reduces effects caused by ambient temperature swings
  • Up to 2 detection modules per controller
    Minimizes capital investment

The measurement principle is based on a variation of HENRY’s law: the weight of any gas dissolved in a definite volume of liquid is directly proportional to the partial pressure the gas exerts above the liquid at a constant temperature.
The Analyser consists of a stripping system coupled with an H2S Analyser NOVASULFTM HG SERIES.
The liquid sample enters an insulated, heated sample handling cabinet and then passes through a pressure regulator to maintain a constant pressure for the liquid sample sweep. The sample feeds through a final filter which protects the metering pump. A metering pump continuously injects measured quantities of sample and is mixed with flowing nitrogen, at a constant and measured flow-rate, The blend then enters a vaporizer with an adjustable nozzle which sprays the blend into a glass chamber. This phenomenon causes the stripping of H2S into the nitrogen. The degassed liquid falls into a reservoir and then to the drain. At the same time, the nitrogen-containing H2S in proportion to that in the original liquid is piped directly to the NOVASULFTM HG SERIES H2S Analyser.

Measurement principleDissolved H2S in liquids is stripped out with a nitrogen carrier gas and measurement made using colorimetric techniques
SoftwareC++ Windows XPe based
ElectronicsPC104, 512Mb compact flash for the operating system, application, customized parameters, and calibration curves storage
KeypadAccessible through flameproof box using Touchsense™ technology
Measurement rangeBetween 0-2ppm H₂S to 0-100% H₂S in liquid
Repeatability± 3% full scale
Output1 x 4-20mA per module (Modbus optional – RS485)
Alarms1 x measurement alarm, 1 x instrument failure alarm. Additional optional alarms available
Area classificationATEX approved,  Ex d [ia] IIC T4
Ambient temperature limits-2°C to +40°C, with ambient swings of 5°C maximum
Tape lifeUp to 40 days depending on the application.
Weather protectionIP66
Response timeDepends on the application between 30 secs to 8 minutes
Power85 / 264 VAC   50 / 60 Hz
Power rating40 VA
Process sample
Max pressure 1.5 – 4.0 bar,  flow rate 0.15 to0.3 l/min, 40°C max temp
Pressure 0.5 to 1 l/min
Process connections¼” NPT female vent (for sample in atmospheric vent)
Analyzer VentTo Atmospheric, no back pressure or vacuum allowed
Weight50 Kg approx
Dimensions800(w), 1700(h), 350(d) mm
Application Range
Process conditions
Wall mounting or free-standing frame Power supply

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