HSTECH is proud to be the exclusive supplier of valve products for Combet Valves B.V, a Dutch company specializing in design, engineering and manufacturing of compact Check Valve, Ball Valve & Sub-sea Valve.

1. Production Range

Valve design has not changed very much over the years, especially if we delve into the history of the ball valve. There are two types of ball valve designs that primarily dominate this market, namely the floating and the trunnion design. Although manufacturers have produced these basic valve designs for many years, the designs have changed very little. One aspect that has changed is the compactization of the floating design.

The space savings alone is nearly 50% of conventional flanged end ball valves. We concentrate on the basics, saving Weight, Space and Money. By taking this “no-nonsense” approach and sticking to our core business, we are able to provide our customers with efficient, practical designs that work in the field.

2. Benefit to others:

  High pressure Abrasive media Low pressure sealing High temp Torque figures Weight and size
Floating ball poor poor/good poor poor poor good
Trunnion mounted soft seated good poor excellent poor excellent poor
Trunnion mounted metal seated excellent excellent good excellent good poor
Compact ball valve excellent excellent excellent poor excellent excellent

3. Size range

Our range of 1” -6” NPS, high pressure valves are the smallest in the market, saving you space and weight, when compared to standard API 6D and API 6A valves.

4. Application

The most important applications are:

– Upstream oil & gas manifolds for land based and onshore installations
– Fracking services, well completion.
– Subsea commissioning and precommissioning PLR’s, A&R heads etc.
– Skid building for high pressure applications like chemical injection
– Diverter systems on drilling rigs

A team of very experienced people, who have been working for many years in the valve industry, are standing by to answer your questions. If you have special design requirements and special technical requirements, we are here to help.

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