This December, our company HSTECH will complete the process of handing over the Smart Flange Connector device fabricated by Oceaneering – an US-based company to our Client who is currently the main Contractor for CVX-SPR project which is owned by Chevron Thailand.

The project requires extremely strict schedule, only 3-5 weeks after signing the contract. Therefore, our team is working day and night to ensure the order is delivered on time, evidence by the Kick-off Meeting is hold during the night with the attendance of all Parties to discuss, exchange and clarify all related issues so that the manufacturing and inspection process goes completely and smoothly.

We completely belive this project will be a great success, strictly comply with our promising and outstanding quality.

Serving customers is our highest principle.

Smart Flange Plus – Permanent pipeline and riser repair

Available worldwide, Smart Flange Plus connectors are stocked in a variety of sizes to accommodate asset diameters of 2 to 24 inches. Specially-designed connectors up to 48 inches have been delivered and installed.

Benefits of using the Smart Flange Plus connector to complete repairs include:

» No requirement for hotwork permits
» Elimination of straight pipe and riser cuts
» Requires minimal pipe preparation
» Connectors can be seal tested
» Accepts external loading