Accurate measurement of bolt tension. We solve any bolting-related issues in a wide range of applications.

Our RotaBolt® technology has been helping to ensure bolted joint integrity for over 30 years. Built on the science of measurement, RotaBolt accurately measures tension so that it can be correctly achieved, maintained and monitored. The technology continues to evolve, with the latest development offering real-time precision monitoring to give remote access to bolted connections in the most critical applications.

We ensure the highest levels of product performance and value through a proven approach of engaging directly with our customers’ experts. In this way the solutions and products we develop are focused on addressing the root cause of issues and delivering results such as improved productivity and safety whilst helping to control maintenance and operational costs.

Bolting Technology

James Walker has a long history of working on bolting projects in many industry sectors, ranging from offshore oil and gas, to nuclear power, wind turbines, petrochemical plant, military equipment and transport infrastructure.

90% of all bolted joint failures can be attributed to inaccurate bolt tension. When a RotaBolt® is installed and tightened, the bolt extends fractionally under the applied load.
When the RotaCap ‘locks’ in this way it indicates the calibrated pre-set tension of the RotaBolt has been reached and the joint is now clamped to within ±5% of the required design load.

RotaBolt® RB1 Touch – Instant precision monitoring
The RotaBolt® RB1 Touch range is the foundation of bolted joint tension control technology from James Walker. Each RotaBolt® RB1 Touch is calibrated to lock the RotaCap at the desired preload tension value on installation with an accuracy of ±5%.
The RotaBolt® RB1 Touch is available as a bolt from M12 upwards and as a stud from M14 upwards.

RB1 Touch

RotaBolt® RB2 Touch – Instant precision monitoring
RotaBolt® RB2 Touch features two tension settings within a single
sensor for even greater control and monitoring.
Ideal for use in critical applications where a large amount of settlement is expected, the dual load indicator confirms the correct tension on installation, as well as ensuring the design load is maintained after the initial settlement period.
The RotaBolt® RB2 Touch is available as a bolt from M20 upwards and as a stud from M30 upwards.

RB2 Touch

RotaBolt® Vision – Clear precision monitoring
Using the same technology as the RotaBolt® Touch range, the RotaBolt®Vision gives a clear, visual indication of maintenance or loss of tension across a bolted joint.
Ideally suited for installations where access is restricted and close inspection difficult, the indicator instantly rotates by ninety degrees should tension be lost, creating a distinct right angle break in the yellow line that is easily identifiable.
The RotaBolt® Vision is available as a bolt from M22 upwards and as a stud from M33 upwards.

Rotabolt Vision

Flange management

• Historical data collection
• Pressure/temperature media data
• Flange, bolt and gasket details
• Bolted joint evaluation
• Analysis of design in accordance with International Standards (EN 1591-1)
• Product combination and selection
• Determination of optimal sealing parameters
• Recommendations of any flange modifications required
• Accurate establishment of required sealing loads
• On-site inspection
• Joint dismantling, installation and re-build
• Joint integrity monitoring
Benefits Delivered
• Improved safety
• Reduced downtime
• Assured reliability
• Reduction of lost product
• Leak and emission containment
• Elimination of repetitive maintenance costs

On-site services

The service provision covers all aspects of Joint Integrity Management, including but not limited to:
• Inspection
• Evaluation
• Installation
• Supervision
• Joint Integrity Monitoring
• Project Management
and covers all bolted flange connections including:
• Pressure Vessels
• Heat Exchangers
• Pipework
• Valves
• Gearboxes
• Pumps
• Wind Turbines

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