HSTECH is an authorized distributor in Vietnamese market for the products of HUSTEEL – a huge giant Korea Steel Manufacturer.


Quality Management System– ISO 9001
– P.E.D
Product Certificate– Steel Pipe for Ordinary Piping: KS D 3507, KS D 3595, KS D 3562, JIS G 3452, JIS G 3448, KC
– Carbon Steel Tube for Boiler and Heat Exchanger: KS D 3563, KS D 3577, JIS G 3461
– Carbon Steel Pipe for Fuel Gas Piping: KS D 3631, KS D 3631
– Rigid steel Conduit: KS D 8401, JIS C 8305, UL6, CUL
– Carbon Steel Tube for Machine Structure: KS D 3517, JIS G 3445, KS D 3566
– Carbon Steel Tube for General Structural Purpose KS D 3566, JIS G 3444, JIS G 3466
– Steel Pipe Piles KS F 4602, JIS A 5525
– Stainless Steel Pipe for Piping:KS D 3576, JIS G 3459, KC
– API 5CT Casing & Tubing
– API 5L Line Pipe
– NSF ANSI 372
Marine Certificate– DNVGL
– KR
– LR
– NK
– BV
– RS
Environment Certificate– ISO 14001 


Standard Specification GradeDescription
ASTMA 53A,BPipe for General Purposes
 A178A,C,DE.R.W. Steel Boiler and Superheater Tubes
 A214E.R.W. Heat-Exchanger & Condenser Tubes
 A2521,2,3Steel Pipe Piles
 A500A,B,C,DSteel Tubes for Structural Purposes
 A589Type Ⅰ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ,ⅣSteel Water-Well Pipe
 A795A, BSteel pipe for fire protection use
API5LA, B, X42, X46, X52, X56, X60, X65, X70, X80Line pipe
 5CTH40, J55, K55, N80(1 & Q), R95, L80 Type 1, P110Casing and Tubing
CSAZ245.1CAT. 1.2.3Steel pipe
BSEN 10255Medium, Heavy, L, L1, L2Plain end steel tubes suitable for welding or for screwing
 EN 10217-1P195, P235, P265Welded steel tubes for pressure purposes
 EN 10219-1S235, S275, S355Cold formed welded structural hollow section
ANSIC80.1Rigid Steel Conduit
UL6Electrical Rigid Metal Conduit
G 3452
(D 3507)
Steel Pipe for Ordinary Piping
 G 3454
(D 3562)
Steel Pipes for Pressure Service
 G 3461
(D 3563)
Steel Pipes for Boiler & Heat Exchanger
 G 3444
(D 3566)
Steel Pipes for General Structural Purpose
 G 3445
(D 3517)
Steel Pipes for General Structural Purpose
 G 3466
(D 3568)
Steel Square Pipe for General Structural Purpose
 C 8305
(C 8401)
Rigid Steel Conduit
 (D 3631)(SPPG)Carbon steel pipes for fuel gas piping
 G 3474
(D 3777)
High tensile strength steel tubes for tower structural purposes
 A 5525
(F 4602)
Steel Pipe Piles


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HSTECH is specializing in supply API 5L produced by HUSTEEL, which is carbon steel pipe used for oil and gas ...
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