Dew point transducer
CONG Prima-2M can be configured for direct installation on the pipeline
Pipeline installation can be outfitted with a filtration module

The CONG Prima-2M dew point transducer is an automatic condensation
hygrometer designed to measure the water dew point and hydrocarbon
condensation temperature of natural gas at preparation, transportation and distribution facilities.


Range of dew point temperature measurement, °cRange I: -30 … T ambient
Range II: -60 … T ambient
Accuracy limits for dew point
measurements, °C
Accuracy class A: ±0.5
Accuracy class B:
±1.0 in range -30 … T ambient
±1.5 in range -60 … -30
Range of hydrocarbon condensation temperature measurement, °C -30 … T ambient
Measurement cycle time, mins5 … 6
Maximum pressure of the target medium, bar, max160/300
Explosion-proofing marking112G Ex d IIATS Gb (ATEX); 1 Ex d 11B TS X (TPTC)
IP degree of protectionIP67


Dew point Measurement Range:Range1: -30˚C up to ambient
Range2: -60˚C up to ambient
Lowest Detectable Dew Point:Range1: -30˚C
Range2: -60˚C
Highest Detectable Dew Pointambient temperature (or temperature
of the heated enclosure)
Dew point Accuracy:Range1 ± 0.5˚C
Range2 ± 1.5˚C lower than -30˚C
Measurement Time:4-12 minutes
Operating Temperature:-20 to +55˚C
Pressure:Up to 160bar (300bar available)
Flow Rate:typical 0,5SLM
Input Voltage:24VDC
Power Usage:15W
Signal Outputs:4-20mA or Modbus RS485
Hazardous LocationATEX Zone1

Sample conditioning system
The analyzer is supplied with a simple sample conditioning system. Sample conditioning system consists of:

  • 4 x 2-way valves
  • filter/liquid block
  • heated pressure regulator
  • regulator to safe pressure release
  • 2 x pressure gauge
  • 2 x flow indicator high pressure
  • small panel


Proven design, this technology is used by GERG as the standard instrument for hydrocarbons measurement!
• Continuous flow
• Very low power consumption max 15W
• Small footprint
• Standard warranty 18 / 24 month
• Build in supplemental cooling possible
• Highly robust and reliable, non-metallic transparent mirror, all wetted parts in 316L, specially coated for acetic gasses available
• Safety: ExD enclosure without flammable pressurized gas
Electronic and wetted parts are separated. No pressure build-up inside enclosure possible, no safety flow shut off needed.
• Quantification of hydrocarbons liquid in gas possible. Comparable to gravimetric measurement.

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