Gas Chromatograph
Plug and Play
TCD and NEMS detector

Innovative Multigas Analysis using Nano Silicon Technology by APIX

  • Highly integrated and portable multi-gas analyzers
  • Available in 19’’ racks and in wall-mounted Exd enclosure
  • Modular and adaptable architecture
  • Integration of up to 4 plugs & play analytical modules for simultaneous analyses of a single sample

Detection Technology:
A unique combination of high-performance multi-physics detectors
(NEMS & TCD) enabling a sub-ppm level of detection

Natural Gas and Biogas quality analysis and custody transfer
Analysis of Industrial Emissions
Permanent Gases
Specialty Gases


System SpecificationsFull system weight 10kg (25kg for ATEX)
Full system dimensions 450x460x220mm
Operating range,
Conditions and Power
Operating temperature 0 to 50˚C
Input 100 – 240VAC, 50-60 Hz
Power 50 – 100W
Sampling and InjectionCarrier gasses All Standard carrier gasses
(He, H2, N2, AR, dry and scrubbed air…)
Sample inlet pressure up to 1 bar
Injection loop available Less than 15μl
GC separationTemperature Isothermal 50 ˚C to 160˚C
Temperature stability <0.1˚C
Detection● NEMS and μ-TDC on silicon
● Concentrations from sub-ppm to percent
● ppb detection level with pre-concentrator for VOC’s
Typical Limits of DetectionVolatile Organic < 1ppm
Compounds (VOC’s – BTEX)
Natural gas
C1 – C6: <5ppm
C6+ up to C12: <1ppm
Type certification in accordance with Natural gas applications LNE-33234
Permanent Gasses
N2, CO2, O2: <10ppm

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