The AGBS barrel couplings for drums, used in hoisting gear of cranes to join the wire drum and the output shaft of the gearbox.

Description and Characteristics:
The AGBS barrel coupling must be supplied as an entire set, the sleeve and hub cannot be supplied separately.
The barrel coupling consists of a sleeve and hub fitted with semi-circular cogs, with a series of cylindrical hardened steel barrels sandwiched into the cog housings.
The covers with their respective special retainers and spring lock washers are useful in obtaining perfect airtight integrity inside the coupling, thus preventing foreign bodies from getting in and ensuring the continuity of the necessary lubrication. Spring lock washers axially guide the barrels within the coupling. The re-greasing can be carried out without removing the sealing elements.

Determination of the size of the coupling:
The coupling size required depends on the turning moment of
the drum (M), the diameter of the shaft and the radial load acting
on the coupling.
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RFQ (request for quote) form for barrel couplings:
The minimum information should be provided:
1- Nominal torque (daNm)
2- Radial load (daN)
3- Working group (FEM/DIN)
4- ød diameter (mm)
5- L dimension (mm)
6- Other requirements:

Flexible couplings with teeth offer these advantages: Small robust, made entirely of steel, without elastic elements susceptible to wear, they can transmit heavy forces and high rotational speeds.
They are currently used in diverse branches of Industry. In each
case their superiority in meeting the following is confirmed:
• Power: Continuous and heavy running in mines-iron and steel
works-oil tankers and other high tonnage ships, etc.
• Speed: Feed pumps in steam power stations-centrifugal compressors
and turbines-aviation testbeds, etc.
• Safety: Gantry cranes in iron and steel works-hoist or elevators
in mines and aircraft carriers-rolling stock, etc.

Selection of toothed couplings:
1.Union on shaft and toothed hub.
2. Union between semi-housings.
3. Meshing between internal and external gear elements.
4. Torque details.
5. Selecting a toothed coupling.

Type of Model:
Model AGH 10
Model AGT 10 ( With brake disk & With brake drum)
Model AGT 11
Model AGT 12

For more detail, please contact our sales team at:
Hotline (+84) 933 980 386

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