• Measurement specific to Total Sulphur & H2S
    No interference from other components
  • Wide range capability
    Measures between 0-250ppb to 0-2000ppm
  • Low volume humidifier
    Response times as low as 20 seconds
  • Single optical sensor
    Eliminates temperature drift
    Lowers running costs
  • Fibre optic link between housings
    Reduces effects caused by ambient temperature swings
  • 2 detection modules
    Minimises capital investment
  • Multi-streaming capability
    Will control 2 streams with one controller

With its wide-ranging ability to measure Total Sulphur and H₂S from % levels down to ppb levels, the Dualsulf process analysers can be utilised in many process industries, including:
– Ethylene / Propylene Plants
– Reformer recycle gas
– Offshore gas production
– Fuel gas monitoring
– Catalyst protection
– Sour gas treatment plants

The metered sample is mixed with a continuous flowing stream of hydrogen. The mixed gases are heated together in a reducing catalytic furnace at a temperature between 650°C and 1200°C, depending on the application, where the sulphur compounds in the sample are converted to H2S. Using the NOVASULFTM series colourimetric analyser, the resulting H2S is measured on channel one and in parallel, the H2S is measured on channel two.
Temperature (zero) drift is eliminated in this analyser by the use of a single optical sensor. Since the patented catalytic element is self-regenerating and due to the high hydrogenation and cracking properties of this element, there is an absolute no need for manual or automatic regeneration of the furnace. No carbon build-up occurs in normal operation, even in the case of unsaturated hydrocarbon applications such as ethylene, propylene, butadiene, where full catalytic conversion can be achieved at 650°C, compared to 1200°C with a conventional thermal cracking conversion. This new concept of catalytic conversion, coupled with the field-proven, NOVASULF™ H2S analyser makes the TG SERIES the most state-of-the-art process Total Sulphur Analyser available today.


Measurement principleConversion of sulphur compounds to hydrogen sulphide (reduction in presence of hydrogen).
Colorimetric (complies with ASTM D4045, D4084, D4323, D4468)
SoftwareC++ Windows XPe based, SIL 2 certified
ElectronicsPC104, Intel Celeron 400MHZ microprocessor, 256Mb SDRAM, 512Mb compact flash for the operating system, application, customised parameters and calibration curves storage
KeypadAccessible through flameproof box using Touchsense™ technology
Measurement range0-250 PPB/V up to 0-2000 PPM (for H2S and Total Sulphur)
Repeatability± 1.5% full scale
Multiplexing2 detection modules on one controller
Output1 x 4-20mA per module (Modbus optional) (for each channel)
Alarms1 x measurement alarm, 1 x instrument failure alarm. (for each channel)
Additional optional alarms available
Area classificationATEX approved, Ex d [ia] IIC T4
Ambient temperature limits-20°C to +40°C
Tape lifeUp to 60 days depending on the application.
Weather protectionIP66
Response timeDepends on application but typically 20secs for 0-10ppm range
Power120 / 240 VAC   50 / 60 Hz
Power rating40 VA
Process sampleMax pressure 1.5 – 4.0 bar,  flow rate 0.15 to 0.3 l/min,  40°C max temp
Process connections⅛” OD inlet, ¼” NPT female vent (to atmospheric vent)
Analyser VentTo Atmospheric, no back pressure or vacuum allowed
Weight100 Kg approx
Process conditions
Wall mounting or free standing frame
Power supply

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