• Measurement specific to H₂S
    No interference from other components
  • Wide range capability
    Measures between 0-50ppb to 0-600ppm
  • Low volume humidifier
    Response times as low as 10 seconds
  • Electronics temperature compensated
    Improves stability
  • No instrument air / N₂ required
    Lowers running costs
  • Fibre optic link between housings
    Reduces effects caused by ambient temperature swings
  • Up to 4 detection modules per controller
    Minimizes capital investment
  • Multi-streaming capability
    Will control up to 4 streams with one controller

With its wide-ranging ability to measure H₂S from % levels down to ppb levels, the HG100 range of H₂S process analyzers can be utilised in many process industries, including:
– Natural Gas pipelines
– Reformer recycle gas
– Offshore gas production
– Fuel gas monitoring
– Biogas
– Sour gas treatment plants

A reel of paper tape impregnated with lead acetate is exposed to the gaseous process sample in the sample chamber. Hydrogen sulphide (H₂S) in the process sample reacts with the lead acetate, after acidification, to form lead sulphide (PbS), a brown compound that stains the tape. The higher the concentration of H₂S the darker the stain. A focused LED and single photodetector system continuously measures the darkening stain and the analyser reports this as a 4-20mA output of the concentration of H₂S.
Incremental measurements are made on the same spot until saturation occurs when the tape is advanced to a fresh portion of the tape. This avoids the need for frequent zero or span calibrations.


Measurement principleColorimetric (complies with ASTM D4045, D4084, D4323, D4468)
SoftwareC++ Windows XPe based, SIL 2 certified
ElectronicsPC104, Intel Celeron 400MHZ microprocessor, 256Mb SDRAM, 512Mb compact flash for the operating system, application, customised parameters and calibration curves storage
KeypadAccessible through flameproof box using Touchsense™ technology
Measurement rangeBetween 0-50ppb H₂S to 0-600ppm H₂S
Repeatability± 1.5% full scale
MultiplexingUp to 4 detection modules on one controller
Output1 x 4-20mA per module (Modbus optional)
Alarms1 x measurement alarm, 1 x instrument failure alarm.
Additional optional alarms available
Area classificationGeneral Purpose
Ambient temperature limits-20°C to +40°C
Tape lifeUp to 60 days depending on application.
Weather protectionIP66
Response timeDepends on application but typically 10secs for 0-10ppm range
Power120 / 240 VAC   50 / 60 Hz
Power rating40 VA
Process sampleMax pressure 1.5 – 4.0 bar,  flow rate 0.15 to 0.3 l/min  ,  40°C max temp
Process connections⅛” OD inlet, ¼” NPT female vent (to atmospheric vent)
Analyser VentTo Atmospheric, no back pressure or vacuum allowed
Weight30 Kg approx
Dimensions378(w), 975(h), 235(d) mm
Application Range
Process conditions
Wall mounting or free-standing frame
Power supply

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