Metaflex® Spiral Wound Gaskets

James Walker Metaflex® gaskets are designed to seal flanges where temperature, pressure, vibration or flow rates are beyond the capability of conventional jointing materials. Certified fire safe versions of Metaflex® are available to API 6FB Edition 3, ANSI/API 607 Edition 5 and ISO 10497:2004.

Metaflex gaskets are wound in V-section metal strip and a softer filler material so that flanges are presented with a spiral of alternate metal/filler layers. Steel support rings on the inside or outside of the spiral wound element can be incorporated to permit the gasket to be used on flat or raised-face flanges under high system pressure.

– Marine applications include pipelines and pressure vessels on steam systems, hydraulic assemblies and heat exchangers.
– Recommended for boiler handhole and manhole assemblies.
– Standard materials — system pressure to over 35MPa/350bar.
– Higher pressures (eg, for Class 2500) considered on request.
– Standard materials — temperature with steam to 650°C.
– Stainless steel version with graphite or PTFE filler — minimum temperature down to cryogenic level (but NOT liquid oxygen).
– High temperature filler — temperatures up to 1000°C.

How supplied

Available to all international flange standards. Profiles include circular, obround, square, oval and diamond. Gaskets for nonstandard flanges are made to order.

Filler materials: SPG Standard Purity Graphite. Also HPG High Purity Graphite, Fluolion® PTFE, or HTF High temperature filler.
Metal winding strips: Stainless steels to SAE 316 and 304L. Also other stainless steel grades, nickel alloys, and titanium.
Support rings: carbon steel. Also stainless steels, nickel alloys or Fluolion PTFE (inner ring only).

How to order Metaflex® gaskets?

1) Please state flange rating

– ASME/ANSI flanges: Nominal pipe bore in inches + Pressure class rating in pounds (#).

Example: 6”/150#.

– DIN/EN 1092 flanges: Nominal pipe bore in mm (DN) + Pressure class rating in bar (PN): Example: DN 150/PN 16.
– JIS flanges: Nominal pipe bore in mm (A) + Pressure class rating in K. Example: 150A/16K.

2) Please state which Metaflex design is required.

– Type SG: Spiral sealing area + Outer ring only.
– Type SG/IR: Inner ring + Spiral sealing area + Outer ring.

3) Please state materials of construction

– Inner ring: Stainless steel SAE 316L, or other material grades.
– Spiral sealing area: SAE 316L + Graphite, or SAE 316L + PTFE.
– Outer ring: Carbon steel, or SAE 316L, or other materials.

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