Portable Water and Hydrocarbons Dew Point Analyser
Measure Water and Hydrocarbons Dew Point @ given pressure

The analyzer is designed to measure the dew point of water and the dew point or condensation temperature of hydrocarbons in natural gas and other gaseous media at operating pressures. It is also intended for the visual monitoring of the condensation process

• Proven design, this technology is used by GERG as the standard instrument for hydrocarbons measurement!
• Continuous flow
• Very low power consumption max 15W
• Small footprint
• Standard warranty 18 / 24 month
• Build in supplemental cooling possible
• Highly robust and reliable, non-metallic transparent mirror, all wetted parts in 316L, specially coated for acetic gasses available
• Safety: ExD enclosure without flammable pressurized gas
Electronic and wetted parts are separated. No pressure build-up inside enclosure possible, no safety flow shut off needed.
• Quantification of hydrocarbons liquid in gas possible. Comparable to gravimetric measurement.

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