These sets comprise an electrically insulating flange gasket, plus insulating bolt sleeves and washers to prevent corrosion through bolts. They are used in cathodic protection systems and to eliminate galvanic corrosion. Our Flange Insulation Sets are a popular choice by shipyards for use in pipework systems where flange connections of dissimilar metals meet.

– Suitable for pipelines handling water, oil, steam or gas.
– Operating temperatures and pressures depend on materials of construction.


– Gaskets, standard: neoprene-faced phenolic.

Other materials: reinforced phenolic with nitrile seals; high dielectric strength CNAF; glass-reinforced epoxy with fluoroelastomer seals; plastic-coated soft iron.

– Insulation washers, standard: reinforced phenolic.

Other material: glass-reinforced epoxy.  

– Sleeves, standard: polyester or DuPont™ Mylar®.

Other material: DuPont™ Nomex®.

– Back-up washers: zinc plated carbon steel or stainless steel.

How supplied?

Four designs of set that cater for many different flange sizes, specifications and arrangements – including those with ‘O’ ring grooves for handling very high pressures.

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